This one was mine

“This is the only poem
I can read
I am the only one
can write it
I didn’t kill myself
when things went wrong
I didn’t turn
to drugs or teaching
I tried to sleep
but when I couldn’t sleep
I learned to write
I learned to write
what might be read
on nights like this
by one like me.”

—Leonard Cohen, The Only Poem

Hvorfor SKULLE man lige åbne?

I can now see, for the first time, just how many worms a can holds, and why it’s not a good idea to open one under any circumstances.

– Nick Hornby: How to be good

Tegn dig op på ny

(hovedpersonen Katie kæmper med sit ægteskab med David og sin affære med Stephen)

You see, what I really want, and what I’m getting with Stephen, is the opportunity to rebuild myself from scratch. David’s picture of me is complete now, and I’m pretty sure neither of us likes it much; I want to rip the page out and start again on a fresh sheet, just like I used to do when I was a kid and had messed a drawing up. It doesn’t even matter who the fresh sheet is, really, so it’s beside the point whether I like Stephen, or whether he knows what to do with me in bed, or anything like that. I just want his rapt attention when I tell him that my favourite book is Middlemarch, and I just want that feeling, the feeling I get with him, of having not gone wrong yet.

– Nick Hornby: How to be good

Sifting, always sifting

“Always, before any of this began, I enjoyed gossip, an essential qualification for the [psychotherapist] job. Now I get to hear a lot of it, a river of human effluvium flowing into me, day after day, year after year. Like many modernists, Freud  privileged detritus; you could call him the first artist of the ‘found’, making meaning out of that which is usually discarded. It is dirty work, getting closely acquainted with the human.”

– Hanif Kureishi: Something to tell you

Men alle når frem

Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men
have mediocrity thrust upon them.

– Joseph Heller, “Catch-22”

Det tænker jeg i hvert fald

Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum –
“I think that I think, therefore I think that I am.”

– Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary”

Start med starten

The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray.

– Robert G. Ingersoll


The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.

– Dorothy Parker